Kerastase micro camera for hair and scalp analyses

This season we are embarking on a quest for healthier scalps. Great hair and styling begins with a healthy scalp…

This is our strong belief and the belief of our world leading product ranges. Kerestase is at the fore-front of scalp and hair health analysis. It is due to this dedication that they have introduced a micro camera that gets to the root of any problem. This camera and software system analyses your hair and scalp condition and determines the best product (shampoo and conditioner/treatment) to treat your individual needs.

Let me tell you that it is rather confronting seeing your scalp and hair through a microscopic camera. This of-course is not limited to our female clients. These systems also targets our male clientele that require individual care for not only their scalps but also hair-loss. So if you are curious about your scalp and hair condition please look no further, we are here to help with Kerestase professional range of home care hair products.