At Tumi Hairdressing the pricing structure reflects years of experience, and individual commitment to their craft. Each staff member shares the Tumi team philosophy and pool of wisdom. All team members are committed to excellence and innovation with a true passion for their career. Beginning with Senior Stylists with 6 to 10 years’ experience and Directors with 10 years+ experience.

Blow dry from $66


At Tumi hair we use the products at the basin that we recommend for you to use at home.

All our blow dries are inclusive of Shampoo and Conditioner / Mask, we believe that the best results start with the right Shampoo and Conditioner or Mask.

We highly recommend a salon only Ritual / Treatment at the basin before your blow dry for the best long lasting results.

please allow extra 15 minutes.

Service Senior Stylist Director
Short hair (30 min) $66 $66
Medium length hair (30 min) $77 $77
Long length hair (45 min) $88 $88
Very long length hair (1 hr) $99 $99
Very long length hair with extensions (up to 1.25 hr extra $25 per 15min) $110 $110

Colour and foil work from $144


This is one of our most popular services to have done at our salon. We take the time to listen and discuss your needs and expectations welcoming as many research photos that you are able to bring so we can have a clear picture of what you desire. We will always take this opportunity to give you our professional advise whether this can be achieved and explore the tones that best suit you and your lifestyle.

We will take the time to understand and to advise you on the best way to achieve your desired result.

The prices of your service may vary from time to time depending on how much or how little product is used and how much time it takes for your service. Everyone has very individual needs so at times this has to be taken into account.

We love creating new and exciting seasonally inspired looks so look no further and make a time with us so we can explore together personalised colour that will compliment your skin tones.

If you are unsure we welcome you to book in a 15 minute obligation FREE consultation with one of our team members.

Service Senior Stylist Director
Includes up to ¼ head of foils
Short hair $144 $155
Medium length hair $166 $177
Long length hair $180 $195
Very long length hair $199 $225
Foil / Balayage work from $130


We love colour and how it can change your look. please allow extra time for a toner often needed with foil work.

These prices are a simple guide to our charges often we need to customise time and product usage to achieve your best result. If you need an accurate price please come in for an obligation free 15 min consultation.

We recommend combining your foils with a TONER and RITUAL / TREATMENT with a BLOW DRY or CUT and BLOW DRY.

Please be aware that we have a reward program that can discount your blow dry with a colour service no need to walk out with damp hair.

Service Senior Stylist Director
Part-line/hairline $130 $145
½ head of foils $160 $175
¾ head of foils $180 $195
Full head of foils $225 $235
Hair up styles from $155


We are aware that sometimes a trial is needed to achieve confidence for your special day.

Please consider at least one trial hair up style so you can feel at ease on your special event.

Any extra time will be charged at 15min = $25

Service Senior Stylist Director
Up style (60 min) $155 $155
Haircuts from $77


We personalise your haircut to suit your face shape and lifestyle with a thorough consultation process.

First time clients are always booked in for extra time so we can get to know your needs, expectations, your styling abilities and lifestyle.

Please advise us if we need to allow extra time for you so we dont keep our clients waiting unnecessarily. extra $25 per 15min

Service Senior Stylist Director
Ladies’ haircut short /mid length
(45min) regular visit
$120 $125
Ladies long hair cut, restyle or it's been a while
$135 $140
Men’s  cut
(30 min) within 10weeks
$77 $80
Men’s re-style cut
(45 min) it's been a while
$88 $99
Make up


We have amazing makeup artist at our call whenever you have that special event, simply let us know and we will make you look your best.

These prices are set by our artists.

Service Price
Eyes Only Not Available
Makeup $165
Lash Application Included in price
Lash Price Not Available
Public Holiday Makeup + %20
Rituals / Treatments from $48


These luxurious rituals come with a complimentary scalp tingling massage and aromatherapy hot towel for that express escape.

Service Price
Kerastase Ritual $48-$60
Blonde Me Detox $48 per application
Scalp Scrub $28 per application
K18 Repair Ritual $33-$44
Smoothing Keratin treatment


This amazing leap in technology has allowed us to change the lives of many of our clients, reducing the frizz out of your hair and creating a smoother more manageable version of your hair for up to 6 months.

We recommend this service for anyone seeking smoother more manageable hair.  We often find that results vary from person to person slightly, there is always a smile from ear to ear with everyone of our clients that have this service done.

This service can take from 3-4.5 hours with uninterrupted attention from one or more of our stylists, so bring a book,  ipad or tablet and enjoy some relaxing time whilst we change your life.

Service Price
Keratin treatment short $260
Keratin treatment medium $350
Keratin treatment long $450
Keratin treatment very long $550
Straightening services from $260
Service Price
Ionic Short N/A
Ionic Medium N/A
Ionic Long N/A
Ionic Very Long N/A
Tints from $133


We weigh our colours according to each individual needs. Some people are blessed with more hair than others so we always monitor how much product we use as to make it fair for all of our clients. If we have to mix more colour or make more time then what is a standard mixture or time we will add an extra product/time charge.

This is the best way we can manage and customise your colour needs.

If you have any questions in regards to this please don't hesitate to ask our stylist, we will be more than happy to answer any questions.

Service Senior Stylist Director
Retouch/short length hair $133 $155
Medium length hair $155 $165
Long length hair $165 $175
Very long length hair $185 $195
Scalp bleach retouch $187 $199
Toners from $40 only available with other colours


Whether it's an express or a full toner, we recommend a toner with any foil work service in order to achieve that perfect long lasting tone.

Service Price
Express toner $40
Short length toner $55
Medium length toner $77
Long length toner $88
Women's waxing from $15


Service Price
Brow Shape $18
Lip $15
Chin $15