The cold winter air and heated environments can really challenge your hair skin and scalp.

Constant styling after washing and dry heated indoor air play a big part in drying out your hair and scalp. A great way to deal with these challenges is to regularly visit your stylist and treat your hair with a tailored treatment your individual needs.

We find that every one has different needs wether oily scalp dry ends, flaky scalp split ends just to mention a few issues that we come across as stylists. Speak to us about tailoring a home hair care plan so you can look your best during the cold times of the year. This home hair care plan can include heat protecting creams and nourishing shampoo, conditioners and masks just to mention a few.

Let your stylists recommend what you need not online shopping.

We have a reward program for all our loyal clients, so ask us how you can save on your take home products at Tumi hair.