FIBREPLEX. We have discovered this
miracle in a bottle that can be added to any
colour or lightening product. Adding this
product will minimise breakage up to 94%
allowing us to achieve results that we could not
in the past.
Click on the link below and have a sneak look
at what is possible.

Please note there are limitations and it is not a
miracle cure to already broken hair.
We simply love this new products specially
when we look after our blondes.
It leaves the hair in amazing condition.
We have a special offer in place that gives you
a take home product to maintain the health of
your hair at home. The best part of this productIMG_6450is that it doesn’t take any extra time in the
styling chair and its a surprisingly affordable
cost on top your colours service.

The picture you see here is Fibreplex used on one of our clients as a treatment. The results are clearly visible.