Spring is in the air

We have loved winter and are happy to welcome in the SPRING season. Fashion was once again layers and accessorising with scarves, umbrellas, gloves, overcoats and even ear warmers.

It’s the cold weather that makes us stay in-doors and blow-dry our hair regularly. It’s this constant heated environments and regular blowdrying regime that can make your hair brittle and dry. You need a good thermal protector for your hair before you use the hairdryer. Some of you simply resort to the ponytail option, this option can only be used a handful of times and should not be over used as it is NOT a substitute to hairstyling.

We have seen many different styles of ponytails through Instagram and fashion websites. Some look great with a braid incorporation. We have seen lately a lot of girls opting for an effortless half ponytail that simply will not do (personal opinion). Let me make it clear, styling your hair looks far better than tying it up, so put a little effort in unless you’re off to a spin class. Spring is in the air, this is the season to embellish your outfit and look your best showing skin… remember to take a jacket and/or umbrella, it is Melbourne after all.