Kerastase curly hair solution.

We have tried and tested  the new curl range from Kerastase and we know you will love it. This curl range has been a great success with countless clients experiencing these new products in the salon and loving the feel of their curly hair.

The key lies in the CONDITIONING CLEANSER.

If you have fine hair there is no need to condition. For thicker hair the mask in the curl range is designed to weigh hair down for a flatter look.

The mousse is another miracle in a can! This mousse controls curl helping your hair to maintain an even curl formation but not going crunchy once it dries.This range is designed to respect the natural movement of curly and wavy hair. If your intensions are not respectful, it’s not the right range for you.

Sebastian professional range of products have some new styling products that answer the call of fashion.

Sebastian treats hair like a fibre that can be altered to give different results.  The latest product ERUPTEK gives hair an explosive texture that defies the laws of gravity. Fantastic for those new hairstyles that need that extra lift with out the feel of too much product. Remember that the best styling products perform with out looking like they are there. 

Please be advised.

From the 1st of November we will have a price increase.

Thank you for your understanding.


Did you know that a single healthy strand of hair can hold up to 100 grams in weight.

That means that your whole head can support the weight of 2 elephants.