Thicken your hair with DENSIFIQUE from keretase.


Did you know?… when a hair falls out it can lay dormant for up to 10 years before growing again? Awaken dormant hair with our Kerastase Densifique 3 month system.

DENSIFIQUE 3 MONTH IICall us for a complimentary consultation: (03) 94288608


Our must-have product for the year has arrived! It’s like an anti-aging wrinkle cream… for your hair! And yes, it even slows the effects of greying hair! We can’t wait to show you Kerastase Serum Jeunesse


Are you frustrated by seeing more grey hair every time you look in the mirror? We can’t wait to show you a new technology that will protect your natural colour: Kerastase Serum Jeunesse


We’ve found a new use for our new favorite product: if you don’t have time to wash and restyle your hair, spray Kerastase Serum Jeunesse for a light spritz of volume and smoothness before touching up your hair with a blow-dryer. Voila! Fresh, plump, shiny hair!


Have you awakened new hair growth with our Densifique 3 month treatment? Are you wishing for a product to continue the journey before your 12 month pause is up? We can show you Kerastase Serum Jeunesse on your next appointment! It’s our new favorite!

Do you find your hair is dry and brittle as it grows? Is it not achieving the length it used to? Kerastase Initialiste is a serum for your scalp to support the healthy growth of hair, and help to form a strong hair as it grows from the scalp. We can consult you on your next visit if this technology is the strong-hair solution for you!


We won’t let the weekend to be over just yet! Sunday night is for relaxing, preparing your hair for a big week ahead, and having an ultra-luxurious hair experience with Kerastase Elixir. Treat yourself – you deserve it!