Thinking about doing your hair at home?? STOP READ ON!!

Seasonally we are inspired to change our wardrobe, our lives and sometimes our hair. Inevitably we often try and save a few dollars and the online retail spirit takes over. You consider your options and start to contemplate changing the colour of your hair. Thinking back on the numerous  visits that you have had at the hairdressing salon and how easy your hair stylist makes it look. You think, surely  it cant be that difficult?


A cheap colour at home leads to a very expensive colour fix in the salon, as often a colour correction process has to be done. Its not as easy as it seems. We do hair as a profession and we take great pride in not only our appearance but also the way that we can make you feel in our salon. We have years of industry training that has led us to look after you in the way we do. Considering many factors to achieve the best possible look for you, keeping in mind your hair texture, thickness skin tone manageability, work profession and of course your face shape.It is this experience that makes it look all too easy. It takes 3 years currently to finish a hairdressing apprenticeship to become a qualified hairdresser (apparently). However, I know that I speak in behalf of many industry leaders that it takes 7-10 years to become a hair stylist with the never ending desire to improve on your craft.

I’ve completed 24 years in my profession. I have had a wonderful fulfilling career that has, and continues to take me to many corners of the globe. I feel that its this exposure that makes me always aim for the next better haircut and/ or colour. Call it the everlasting perfectionist if you will, but I know that I share this quest with all of my staff at tumi. Don’t be afraid to ask us what we think next time, the pause that you will experience is our creative minds searching through the never ending archives of looks that we have accomplished  through out our career. What comes next will never disappoint you.

So next time you think of doing your colour or cut yourself, STOP and give us a call on 9428-8608 and we will talk you out of it.

Having your hair done is the 8th wonder of this world.