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Get your Christmas packs while they last.

Have you seen our limited edition Christmas packs? 😍 They are selling quickly-dont miss out! Grab your favourite products at a bargain bundle price. Visit us in the salon to grab your pack while stocks last. Grab one for your self or someone you feel needs great hair this Christmas. We have packs from Kevin Murphey, Kérasta... More


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to 2023. A reminder to all our clients to please get in touch with us if you need an appointment before the end of the year as appointments are filling in FAST. Spots are very limited, you can book online via our website, google or if you would rather speak to our team please don't ... More


The cold winter air and heated environments can really challenge your hair skin and scalp. Constant styling after washing and dry heated indoor air play a big part in drying out your hair and scalp. A great way to deal with these challenges is to regularly visit your stylist and treat your hair with a tailored treatment your individual ... More


This amazing leap in technology has allowed us to change the lives of so many of our clients, reducing the FRIZZ out of your hair for up to 6 months. We recommend this service for anyone seeking smoother more manageable hair. We often find that the results vary from person to person slightly, but one thing that is very common from all of ... More

Why hair transformations can take time?

While we always aim to achieve your dream hair as quickly as possible, sometimes it may take multiple sessions with our team or just longer then you may be aware. For those wanting a complete change (blonde from brunette, light to dark, or pops of colour), we will provide a guide as to what we will be able to achieve in one visit, and how ... More