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Change is in the air

Hi everyone, we have said goodbye to our short yet sweet summer and spring. Back into our winter woollies and bring out the layers. We change our wardrobe when the seasons turn and our hair is no exception. It doesn't have to be a dramatic change. Simply changing the way you style your hair will suffice. A curl here or a flick there can give ... More

Product of the month

Chronologiste: Shake off the winter blues with kerestases new chronologist range. Chronologist focus is total hair and scalp revitalisation. The range consists of a bath (shampoo), care (mask), exfoliant and perfumed oil. Give it a go for total hair & scalp regeneration. More

Thicken your hair with DENSIFIQUE from keretase.

DENSIFIQUE Did you know?... when a hair falls out it can lay dormant for up to 10 years before growing again? Awaken dormant hair with our Kerastase Densifique 3 month system. Call us for a complimentary consultation: (03) 94288608   Our must-have product for the year has arrived! It’s like an anti-aging wrinkle cream... ... More

Thinking about doing your hair at home?? STOP READ ON!!

Seasonally we are inspired to change our wardrobe, our lives and sometimes our hair. Inevitably we often try and save a few dollars and the online retail spirit takes over. You consider your options and start to contemplate changing the colour of your hair. Thinking back on the numerous  visits that you have had at the hairdressing salon and ... More